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  • Things To Worry About on Spring Break • Fasig | Brooks

    Jimmy Fasig and Dana Brooks from Fasig | Brooks discuss what to be careful about while on spring break.

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  • Damages - Economic and Non-Economic • Fasig | Brooks

    Jimmy Fasig and Dana Brooks from Fasig | Brooks discuss the specific differences between economic and non-economic damages.

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  • Driving Under The Influene of Marijuana • Fasig | Brooks

    Jimmy Fasig and Dana Brooks discuss being impaired in the workplace and substance abuse.

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  • Exclusive Remedies Under the Law • Fasig | Brooks

    Dana Brooks explains how certain instances may have one or two causes of action or claim with exclusive remedies under the law. She gives an example of how if someone walks into a doctor's office for ...

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  • Can I Sue as a Passenger? • Fasig | Brooks

    Jimmy Fasig discusses whether you can sue somebody if you are injured riding as the passenger in a vehicle. More often than not, if you are injured in an accident and you are the passenger, you have a ...

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  • Viable Slip & Fall Cases • Fasig | Brooks

    Attorney Jimmy Fasig explains how to know whether or not you have a viable slip and fall case. Business owners have a duty to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition, which includes ...

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  • Dog Bites & Animal Attacks • Fasig | Brooks

    Partner Dana Brooks explains how animal attacks not only produce physical injuries but there is often emotional damage as a result. It's important to take these attacks seriously. If you or a loved ...

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques: Arbitration

    Dana Brooks explains another dispute resolution technique - Arbitration. Arbitration is the process by which the disputing parties refer to a third party arbitrator by whose decision they agree to be ...

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques: Mediation

    Not all cases are decided in court. Dana Brooks explains one of the alternative dispute resolution techniques used by lawyers to resolve cases, mediation. Mediation is when two parties use a neutral ...

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