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  • Premise Liability

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  • Why are some Broken Femur Cases Worth More than Others?

    Exploring 100 broken femur jury trial cases across the State of Florida, we found five high-value outliers in our data set. For this sample, we categorized any case value over $700,000 as an outlier ...

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  • Loss of Sight/Blindness Cases: Specific Outliers

    From the 100-case sample of loss of sight cases taken from jury verdict research across the State of Florida, we saw five high-value outliers of $7 million dollars, $7.5 million dollars, $9.2 million ...

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  • We Want Women To Know

    What We Want Women To Know

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  • Deal With Me

    If you think you’re mad, I’m madder. When you want somebody who will stand in your shoes and give them the beat down they deserve, come talk to me. I’m in the mood for it. I’ve had enough. Enough. ...

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  • I Was At Fault In a Car Accident. What Can I Do?

    If you are in a car crash, the police officer who investigates your accident does not have the final say about which driver is at fault. Furthermore, the officer may not testify about what he was told ...

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