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Jaeson Homola Files Class-Action Lawsuit Against Parent Company of Zaxby's For Illegal Towing

Attorney Jaeson Homola has filed a federal class-action lawsuit against Demertenn, Inc., which represents Zaxby’s restaurant. The suit was filed in U.S. District Court in Tallahassee, Florida on behalf of his client, Charles Coshatt.

In the early hours of August 5, 2017, Coshatt was picking up a friend from a Tallahassee bar and parked his car in the Zaxby’s parking lot while he went to get his friend. When he came back outside, his car had been towed. In the lawsuit, Coshatt contends that Zaxby’s didn’t comply with Florida statues regarding the placing of towing zone signs.

Jaeson told the Tallahassee Democrat, “…he was in the bar for 10 to 15 minutes, comes outside and his truck was towed. He was more frustrated than anything else. He was trying to help out his friend. It’s a classic case of no good deed goes unpunished.”

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