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Driving next to a commercial truck can be intimidating, if for nothing more than the sheer difference in size between a passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler. This size difference is one reason why commercial truck drivers are required to have additional licensing and several different certifications, and ongoing training to operate these massive vehicles. However, no additional licensing or training will ever guarantee that a truck driver will not cause an accident, which is why truckers additionally have commercial liability insurance that often exceeds $1 million in policy limits. These are just two examples of the many safety precautions federally required (as determined by the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration) and a range of internal policies set by trucking companies to cover their legal liability.

Being involved in a truck accident is a terrifying and often excessively harmful experience, and no amount of money can undo the pain of your crash. Still, these insurance policies exist to ensure that you do not take on the financial impacts of the trucker’s actions (or inactions). However, getting the money you deserve is more complicated than simply filing a claim and waiting for a check in the mail. Insurance companies work aggressively to settle claims for as little as possible, regardless of their policy limits or the damages that you have truly suffered. This is why it is so essential to partner with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible — ideally before you even initiate your claim.


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After an accident, it can be difficult — or impossible — to get a clear understanding of your legal options as a victim. Filing an insurance claim is simple enough, but the entire claims process is fraught with pitfalls and errors that insurers capitalize on to pay as little as possible for your claim. In addition, trying to interpret pages of legal documents to understand the insurer’s interpretation of the accident can be scary, and many people simply accept the insurer’s initial offer to avoid having to avoid any future legal issues that these documents may imply. 

The team at Fasig | Brooks is here to handle all of these steps on your behalf and interpret the situation into an understandable and less intimidating process. Knowing that a legal professional fighting for your best interests can give you the peace of mind you need to focus on your recovery and personal life without taking on the added stress. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can take this process off your plate and give you the time and space you need to get your life back on track after such a traumatic and painful experience. 

Common Causes of Truck Accidents In Miramar Beach

The following are just a few of the nearly endless possible causes of truck accidents in Miramar Beach and across the United States. Whether or not you see the cause of your accident, contact our firm now to speak directly with a team member and get a better understanding of your rights and options as a victim.

Distracted Driving

Texting and driving is an epidemic in our country, but this is only one example of many types of distractions that a driver can engage with on the road. At its most simple, distracted driving is the act of taking your eyes, your mind, or your hands off of your driving duties. Putting on makeup, using a smartphone or GPS, or even letting your mind wander are all examples of distracted driving that put the driver and everyone else on the road at an increased risk of an accident. 

Driver Fatigue

Driving while tired is more dangerous than drunk driving in some situations, and truckers are incentivized to work long hours to deliver their loads promptly. Fortunately, the FMCSA has set limits to the hours that truckers can operate a vehicle in a given period to reduce the risk of tired truckers, but this does not guarantee that a trucker will not be exhausted from activities other than their work.


Speed limits are posted to account for various factors, including upcoming hazards, road design, and more. These limits are meant to reduce the risk of accidents due to vehicles traveling at high speeds and needing to take corrective or avoidant actions unexpectedly, leading to loss of control. Commercial trucks often haul massive loads, meaning that stopping time is even further reduced without factoring in excess speeds. When a trucker speeds, their ability to maintain control while making an emergency stop is even further reduced and can contribute to an accident. 

Maintenance Issues

Semi-trucks and tractor-trailers have many moving parts that are continuously exposed to high levels of wear and tear. Depending on several factors, a truck driver may be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle and trailer. The car only or both of these components may be the responsibility of either a shipping and logistics company or the trucking company. Regardless of who is responsible for the upkeep, routine inspections must be performed, and risk is addressed before the threat of a mechanical failure becomes a reality.

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