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Accounts of recent trials, verdicts, and settlements contained on this website are intended to illustrate the experience of the firm in a variety of litigation areas. Each case is unique, and the results in one case do not necessarily indicate the quality or value of any other case.


Trucking Accident

$3,000,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Negligent Security and Sexual Battery

$450,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Negligent Bar Security

$50,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Negligent Security/Sexual Assault

$112,500 Pre-trial Settlement

Trucking Accident/Wrongful Death

$2,000,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Personal Injury

$5,459,008.00 Gross Verdict

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault

$37,000 Pre-suit Settlement

Product Liability

$85,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$1,000,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Scooter Crash/Personal Injury

$100,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability

$980,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$100,000 Settlement

Motorcycle Crash/Negligent Maintenance

$830,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$100,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$750,466 Settlement

Dram Shop/Liquor Liability/Wrongful Death - Auto Accident

$735,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Product Liability

$125,000 Federal Pre-trial Settlement

Trucking Accident

$725,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$125,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Motorcycle Accident

$705,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$145,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Motorcycle Crash

$450,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$137,500 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$150,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$305,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$150,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Sexual Assault

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$175,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$175,000 Settlement

Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$200,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$300,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Trucking Accident

$200,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$275,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Motor Vehicle Accident - Auto Accident

$225,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Brain Injury

$250,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$250,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Negligent Security

$250,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability/Slip and Fall

$250,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability/Personal Injury

Confidential Settlement

Premises Liability

Confidential Settlement

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect - Medical Malpractice

Confidential Settlement

Premises Liability - Slip and Fall Accident

$30,000 Settlement

Auto Accident

$50,000 Settlement

Auto v. Pedestrian Accident - Auto Acciden

$37,500 Settlement

Auto Accident

$60,000 Settlement

Auto Accident

$300,000 Settlement

Auto Accident

$300,000 Settlement

Auto Accident

$25,000 Policy Limit Settlement

Medical Malpractice

$205,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Auto Accident

$122,500 Pre-trial Settlement

Premises Liability

$100,000 Pre-trial Settlement

Client Reviews

Superior, Professional and Kind. Dana Brooks will LISTEN then take action for your good. Highly recommend the firm services.

- Robert E

From the very beginning Tony and Kele made me feel welcomed. They were very professional and showed that my case mattered. Thank you Tony and Kele! I will highly recommend.

- Willie Wiggins

I promise, "They are the best ever!" Don't believe me? Try them!

- Ted

Fasig and Brooks is the best Personal Injury Firm in the Nation. When you hire them you are not just case, you are treated with respect. Fasig and Brooks will fight for you.

- D.C. Riggins

Hands-down the best firm to go with. Carrie Roane and Brittney Jarvis are my warriors. From the time I stepped foot in their office, they took charge of my case. Carrie grabbed my case by the horns and never let go until the job was done. She fought tooth and nail for me. They are passionate about what they do. If I had a question, all I had to do is call, email or even text them personally and the response was prompt and detailed to my expectations. They treated me as if my case was their main priority. Very professional and dutiful about each step during the process. They provide the most “OUSTANDING” service and these women do their job well. Polite, friendly, and precise - what could anyone ask for?

- Kimberly P

My case was not a large case, but you would never know that by care and effort of Jimmy Fasig and the whole family at Fasig and Brooks. The first care of the firm was my physical well being..only after making sure I was on a proper road to recovery did the issue of financial recovery come into play. It might sound corny but I indeed walked in a potential client and now feel as though I have a firm of friends lead by Jimmy Fasig who I am proud to call a buddy....Yes I would use them again and feel free to personal message me if you have any question of how well you will be treated by this great bunch of folks.

- Mike M

Tony was amazing very professional and cares about his clients. This firm was there to help with my every need as well very nice and polite. They made to whole process transparent from updates, emails and phones call. It was wonderful working with a group of passionate individuals who love helping people.

- Eugene J

I am very fortunate to have come in contact with Jimmy Fasig and the hardworking attorneys/paralegals over at Fasig and Brooks. My case was fairly delicate and time consuming, at times I really wasn't sure what to expect. Thanks to Jimmy Fasig I just received a settlement check only a week ago and should be receiving another within the upcoming days. I really can't thank him enough, he truly exceeding my expectations and due to his care and attention to my every concern I can honestly say that this is the best experience I have ever had with an attorney. I truly value how hard he worked for me and am grateful to think of him as a friend. Wish you guys the best and will definitely recommend you to anyone in need. Take care

- Joseph M

Jimmy and Dana are the real thing. What you see on the commercials is what you get in person. I have Jimmy's number in my phone now :) Dana is the powerhouse you see, but super easy to talk to. Kinda like that sister that is going to beat up the bully for you. I highly recommend this team. They are the best!

- Dana DB

Tony and Kele are absolutely AMAZING!! I am so blessed to have had them represent me. They were always professional, caring, patient, transparent, and kept me informed every step of the way. Even after my case was settled, I appreciated the follow-up and the personal touches that went beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Tony to be your next attorney!

- Laricia

My son who is an attorney researched and found this representation for me. I am very pleased with the excellent outcome. Thank you again!

- Sandra K Simpson MD

If you are looking for a more personalized and professional attention they are the best option. This was my first time dealing with a lawyer and it was a pleasant one. I was referred to them by another lawyer, Tina Willis, who was the first I contacted after my car accident hoping she could take my case based on her reviews and also because I was looking for some more personalized attention than the big companies you see on TV where you become just another case number. After talking and explaining my case, Tina took it, however at the same time she referred me to Fasig Brooks, specifically to Carrie Roane, and with the help of Brittney Waldo they handle my case in a really professional manner but at the same time friendly and caring. Carrie was really easy to get in touch and she or Brittney always answer in the best manner my questions or concerns. They explain me all the process, advise me to take the best decisions and finally managed to reach a very favorable agreement. If I ever need a lawyer, I’ll not hesitate to contact them. Thank you so much for your caring and professionalism.

- Eduardo Acuna

I highly recommend Fasig | Brooks. There's no doubt they are the best lawyers you can hire. Their customer service goes beyond what you can expect. And they will help you, guide you and explain you absolutely everything so that you are properly informed. My experience with Fasig | Brooks attorneys has been extremely good. Especially Jimmy, Carrie and Brittney who have been very helpful throughout my entire process. Since the first day, Mr. Jimmy Fasig contacted me by phone and he received me in his office to explain how everything worked. He was very aware all the time and he got me absolutely everything I needed to make my life easier. Mrs. Carrie along with Brittney were extremely helpful and they explained and guided me at all times to make the right decisions regarding my case. They made it clear to me what were the steps to follow and never failed to keep me informed. They are extremely nice, very professional! Thank you Fasig | Brooks!

- Santiago Rodriguez

I would like to say that Tony Fusco was a very good choice to represent me. He's well respected also he's great at what he do!! I would suggest his service to anyone who is not looking to be let down.

- Brittney Wilson

Attorney Carrie Roane and her paralegal Brittney absolutely rock. These ladies are simply the best. They are sweet, kind, understanding, and most importantly dedicated and professional. I love love love these ladies.

- Tanesia Everitt

They were very nice, patient, and considerate throughout the duration of the case. They are a very nice firm!

- Conqualla

Jim Fasig is not just an attorney, he has treated me with compassion and concern. I appreciate having the opportunity to work with him.

- Name Withheld On Request

Tried and Tested! They get positive results while making you feel like part of the family. The only firm that I recommend to my family and friends in need of their services.

- Carl R. Calhoun

If you are in need of a personal injury attorney in Florida, do yourself a favor and call Carrie Roane. You won’t regret it. She is very knowledgeable about personal injury cases. She and her staff are professional, courteous and make you feel like your case is important to them. I feel like she would work as hard for a hundred thousand dollar case as she would for a million dollar case. My emails were always promptly answered and I was kept up to date on what was happening with each step, Ms. Roane just settled a case for me and she more than exceeded my expectations. Words can’t begin to describe what a wonderful job she did. She got my case settled quickly and was able to get me compensation that I never expected and never dreamed possible. She looks at the case from every angle to get her client the best possible outcome. I highly recommend Ms Roane and her firm if you want someone that will fight for you and know how to negotiate with the big insurance companies.

- Shelby Meredith

My experience with my attorney Kimberly Hogan was absolutely the best. She and her staff were very professional in handling my case. I feel very confident with Fasig | Brooks handling anything for me and my family. Thank you very much !!!

- Alton

My experience with Fasig | Brooks has been nothing but extraordinary from start to finish. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and truly care about their customers. They are great community partners and always go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to supporting local organizations. Fasig | Brooks continuously encourage their employees to give back as much as possible. I would highly recommend them!

- Julian

I am very grateful to have been referred to Fasig | Brooks, who have been highly efficient, professional and compassionate in representing my concerns. My expectations have been exceeded, as they easily gained my trust and have represented me with the highest of integrity. Their administrative team is first rate. I will be referring this, most consummate of firms to friends & family.

- Karen

I highly recommend Fasig | Brooks. Each experience with the firm has been nothing but professional. Renee is very skilled, proficient, and a joy to work with. All of my question were answered and she helped to make the process seamless. Thanks again

- James

I just have to say the staff of Fasig | Brooks are great examples of positive professionals in the community! Keep up the AWESOME work!

- Ihesha

My experience with Fasig | Brooks has been nothing but the best from the start to the end. They took me under their wing and helped me through a tragic time of my life. The staff treats you like family and not another client. I was thankful and blessed to have Attorney Jaeson Homola representing me. He is a great asset to the company. Attorney Homola was very professional, knowledgeable and respectful to me and my family. He and his paralegal Carrie Martin took care of everything and kept me in the loop. I 100% would and have recommend Fasig | Brooks as they will always have your back.

- Tonia

Personal Injury Attorney Orlando

When you have been injured, one of the most important things to do is focus on healing and recovery, which also means trying to reduce your stressors as much as possible. This may sound great, but the unfortunate reality after being injured in an accident is that there is a lot of paperwork that you will need to do, legal issues that you will need to handle, and serious financial impacts to your life that need addressing. These situations can be especially complicated when someone else caused your accident due to negligence or recklessness. The frustration of knowing that your injuries could have been avoided if the responsible party had taken your safety into consideration can be overwhelming. Equally overwhelming is the fact that their insurance company will immediately spring into action in an attempt to limit the amount of money that they have to pay you as much as possible.

If this sounds intimidating, it is because the reality of a personal injury is that you need and deserve competent, aggressive, and trustworthy legal help at your side every step of the way. Trying to unravel the complexities of Florida tort law, even if you are not injured, is extremely confusing, which naturally means that trying to unravel your rights while injured is never recommended.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Orlando Today

When you hire an attorney to represent your personal injury case, the benefits are almost instantaneous: you immediately have someone who can provide you with counsel, ease your concerns, and give you a better understanding of what you can expect throughout this entire process. Of course, you also will have someone who can take the fight straight to the insurance company or defendant’s attorneys on your behalf.

Call Now for a Free Consultation

The award-winning team at Fasig | Brooks offers a free initial consultation for all prospective clients, where you will be able to speak directly with an attorney about your situation. We understand that the first days after an injury can be extremely taxing, and the uncertainty of what will happen next can cause serious emotional and psychological issues that we want to help you mitigate. We are here to help, and more importantly, we are here to take on the legal stresses that we want you to avoid so that you can focus on recovery.

Read more below about some of the general information about personal injuries in Florida that we will be able to get into greater detail about during your consultation and throughout the entire time we are working together. While the following is intended to help you get a better idea of what you can expect, the only way to get a true understanding of your specific situation is to contact us so that we can speak in greater detail about your unique circumstances.

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What is a Personal Injury?

There are a few different ways to answer this question: fundamentally, a personal injury is an injury to a person, as opposed to property damage. However, in terms of tort law, personal injury is a legal area that empowers victims of negligence and recklessness to seek compensation from the party responsible for their injuries, or the insurance company carrying the policy that the accident is covered by.

In order for an injury to qualify for a personal injury claim for damages, there must be a few important factors present in the situation where the injuries were caused:

The Defendant Failed Their Duty of Care

In tort law, there is something known as a “duty of care” that must be first considered. This duty of care is an individual’s responsibility to act in a way that minimizes the risks of injury to those around them, whether in a personal or professional setting. For example, a driver has a duty of care to operate their vehicle responsibly by respecting traffic laws and not driving drunk. A medical professional has a duty of care to provide their patients with reasonable care that is intended to minimize any unnecessary risks.

When someone chooses to drive drunk, when a doctor fails to diagnose a serious medical issue, or when a property owner does not address a hazard on their property that could cause an injury to the visitor, there are all failures of a duty of care. As you can imagine, there are many types of duties of care which are very circumstantial.

The Failure Caused an Accident

Now that we understand what a duty of care is, we can discuss when this failure may qualify for a personal injury case. Essentially, the failure must have caused an accident or led to a dangerous outcome. For example, if a person drives home from a bar drunk, but does not cause an accident, then there are no grounds for a personal injury case, although there is an argument for a criminal case.

If a medical professional misdiagnoses an illness and a patient immediately gets a second opinion (which is ALWAYS recommended), then there is no harm, although the doctor did fail their duty to provide an accurate diagnosis. Again, there are no grounds for a personal injury case, although there may be other repercussions depending on the nature of the issue. This is the case with all failures of duty.

The Accident Caused Measurable Injuries

If a drunk driver causes an accident, then they have checked another box for being liable for personal injury damages. The next factor is whether or not the people involved in the accident were injured or not. Personal injury cases are specifically intended to compensate victims for the impacts that their injuries have on their lives, and so if there are no injuries, then there is no basis for seeking damages. However, “injuries” are not simply physical injuries, as there are many non-economic damages that a victim may also suffer following an injury.

“Measurable” in this instance simply means that there are damages that can be connected to a dollar amount, which is something that a personal injury attorney is here to help with. One of the biggest points of contention between a victim and the defendant’s insurance company is about the actual value of damages suffered, which is why it is so essential to work with experienced legal representation to make sure that your case is heard.

Examples of Personal Injury Cases

The following are just a few examples of personal injury cases, and ones that we have a history of successes with at Fasig | Brooks. One of the most important things to do when you are hiring an attorney is to make sure that they are experienced in your specific type of injury, since there are so many specifics and variables that make each situation unique. This is yet another great reason why it is so important to take advantage of a free initial consultation, where you can speak directly to a member of our team about how we can help your unique accident.

Some common personal injury cases include injuries resulting from:

Car Accidents

Car accidents are alarmingly common across the United States, with an average of 16,000 car accidents taking place across the country on a daily basis. There are 228 million licensed drivers in the United States and more than 250 million registered vehicles, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities each day for these collisions to take place.

Filing an insurance claim after an Orlando car accident is fairly painless, but getting the money that you actually deserve is another situation entirely. Insurance companies focus on settling legal issues for as little money as possible, and your claim will be handled no differently. You will need to negotiate for the money you actually deserve.

Truck Accidents

There are nearly 2 million semi-trucks in operation in the U.S., and around 5.6 million semi-trailers, driving a total of 140 BILLION miles each year. With these staggering numbers alone, it is no wonder that commercial drivers are held to such high standards, such as the requirement for a Commercial Driver License and a range of specific certifications in order to transport different types of cargo.

In addition to the licensing and regulatory requirements, truck drivers also carry specific types of liability insurance with limits that often exceed $1 million. The good news about these policies is that there is money available for your injuries, but the problem is that these types of claims are much more complicated than a personal injury insurance claim.

Motorcycle Accidents

Driving a motorcycle in the sunny, warm Orlando weather can be exhilarating and enjoyable, but the unfortunate reality is that Florida is one of the most dangerous states in the country when it comes to fatal motorcycle crashes. In addition to these alarming statistics, there is the simple fact that motorcycles are less visible to other drivers than a passenger vehicle or a truck.

When a motorcycle rider is in an accident, they have very little protection when compared to a different type of vehicle, such as no frame around the vehicle, and minimal protection. Florida, controversially, allows riders over the age of 21 to operate a motorcycle without a helmet, which is an unsafe idea regardless of legality.

Bicycle Accidents

As with motorcycles, it is extremely dangerous to ride a bicycle anywhere in Florida. In fact, Florida is the most dangerous state in the country when it comes to fatal bicycle accidents, which can be a significant and understandable deterrent to those who want to get out for a ride.

Part of the issue with Orlando bicycle accidents is the fact that the public roadways are not designed to accommodate cyclists safely. Many cities, such as New York City, have dedicated bike lanes and other clearly marked boundaries and permitted lanes of travel for cyclists, but Orlando does not have these amenities. Taking a left across a multi-lane road on a bicycle can be dangerous, or deadly, as can simply riding on the shoulder of the main road.

Pedestrian Accidents

While Orlando certainly has a better infrastructure for pedestrians than for cyclists, there are still many flaws in the design that leads to Orlando being ranked as the most dangerous city in the country for pedestrians. The reality is that Orlando is not designed for pedestrians, cyclists, or motorcycles; Orlando is designed for cars, and cars only.

In addition to the fact that Orlando is poorly-designed in terms of pedestrian travel, there is also not a reliable public transit system, which puts people at a serious disadvantage if they do not have a car of their own. This is why it is so important that there is an attorney that you know and can trust to help you get the legal support you deserve if you are hurt.

Uber Accidents

Since Orlando is so poorly designed for pedestrians and cyclists, it makes sense that Uber had over $1 billion of economic impact in the state of Florida between 2016 and 2017. Between Uber ridesharing and UberEats, there are many Uber drivers out on the road at any given time, either waiting for a fare, driving to pick up a fare, or transporting a fare.

If you are in an accident with an Uber driver, there are some complicated steps that you will need to go through in order to determine which insurance policy to file a claim with, how to negotiate your claim, and more. Remember that you will be going against a massive company with dedicated lawyers, so the most prudent thing to do is to hire your own Orlando personal injury attorney immediately.

Wrongful Death

Any situation that qualifies for a personal injury claim that is fatal may be pursued by certain surviving family members, beneficiaries, or estate representatives of the deceased. In addition to the general damages that a victim seeks in a personal injury case, wrongful death claims additionally include things like the emotional impact on the surviving family, as well as the loss of financial support that the deceased was responsible for.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a variety of different questions that we will be able to go through during your iniital consultation in great detail, but the following are some of the most common questions that we get, as well as some general answers. Keep in mind that these answers are not intended to provide you with legal advice, but are meant to give you an idea of how you can expect us to reach these answers for your own case.

How Much is My Injury Claim Worth?

There are a variety of factors that go into determining the amount that you deserve for a personal injury settlement, all of which you will need to work closely with your attorney to determine. Damages in a personal injury case are divided into “economic” and “non-economic,” which each apply towards very different types of damages.

Economic damages are the damages that you incur that are purely monetary, such as impacts to your income, your medical bills, and more. Non-economic damages are more abstract, and seek compensation for the mental, emotional, and physiological impacts of an injury, such as the pain and suffering of the injury and the sadness or depression that may come with it.

Do I Need an Attorney to File an Insurance Claim?

While you do not need an attorney for any legal issue in the United States, the fact stands that it is highly beneficial to have legal support for any sort of legal issue. When you file an insurance claim, the insurance company will spring into action with their own attorneys to identify ever possible legal tool available to limit the amount that they ultimately must pay you.

When your lawyer is handling all communications, you can be confident that each step they take is done with experience and a long-term goal of getting you the money that you deserve, and not just what the insurance company hopes to pay.

Should I Settle With the Insurance Company?

The majority of personal injury cases are settled without requiring a trial, and a significant number of these claims can avoid the courts entirely. However, this does not mean that the isnurance company will make you a fair offer right from the start. Instead, you will need to undergo your own research during the claims investigation in order to calculate the money that you deserve, and then use that as a negotiation tool once the claims adjuster concludes their investigation.

The Insurance Company Made a Very Low Offer, What Can I Do About It?

Insurance companies like to position their initial offer as the ONLY offer, but this is not the case. While the claims adjuster is going through their own investigation, we will be able to go through every detail of your life, each impact of the accident, and all effects on your life in order to reach our own conclusion about the money you deserve.

Once the insurance company makes their first offer, we will initiate a series of aggressive negotiations that are intended to avoid a lawsuit, but get you the money you deserve. If we are unable to reach an agreement on a fair number, the next step will be to file a lawsuit in the Florida courts and start preparing for trial.

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