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Trucking accidents aren’t just bigger car crashes. There are myriad laws and regulations trucking companies must comply with to ensure they don’t endanger other travelers. Trucking accident cases should only be prosecuted by attorneys with the experience and reputation to recognize and develop their full value. It’s crucial to preserve records, logs, vehicle data recorders, and video evidence immediately before it’s destroyed. Not every attorney knows how to do that. If you want to play the game, you have to know the rules. Our trucking specialists know the tricks of the defense. They don’t work on us.

Because truck accidents can leave you with devastating injuries, it is important to understand your rights after the wreck and what legal options you may possess. The following are a few basic facts to help.


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There is no one single reason for all of the truck accidents that occur in Orlando, Tallahassee, and across Florida. Some common causes include:

  • An unstable or unsecured load that falls in the path of another driver;
  • Errors made on the part of the truck driver, whether because he or she was distracted, tired, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Malfunctioning equipment within the truck;
  • Poor weather conditions, which caused the truck driver to maneuver erratically; and
  • Underqualified or unqualified drivers who did not drive the vehicle proficiently.


While the truck driver may have directly been involved in the accident, sometimes it is the trucking company that is liable for what occurred on the road. The company may be liable for its employee’s (the truck driver’s) actions and may be responsible for damages.

A trucking company may be directly negligent and liable for the accident. It might choose to overwork its drivers in order to expedite transportation or use the services of unqualified drivers. In this case, a trucking company could be liable for its actions, which ultimately contributed to a wreck.

Additionally, a shipping company could shoulder some of the liability because its load may have not been secured on the trailer or was over the weight or size limits allowed by federal regulations. The trucker and trucking company are also responsible for ensuring the load is secure and meets federal regulations.


You must establish that a truck driver or other party is responsible for the accident. This requires evidence, which may include the trucking company’s records, the driver’s work history, and information from the truck’s black box or log books. These records can indicate how these factors may have contributed to the accident, and a Tallahassee truck accident lawyer can help you obtain them. This may require sending a spoliation letter to the insurance company in a timely manner to avoid destruction of the evidence.


A trucking accident can be a frightening experience that results in severe injuries and damages. If you have been seriously hurt in a truck wreck in Tallahassee, Jacksonville or Orlando, contact the attorneys at Fasig | Brooks immediately. We can help secure the proof you need in your case in order to recover fair compensation.

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