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Upholding Liquor Store Liability

It’s not okay for a place to provide alcohol to drunk people and let them hurt other people. It’s just that simple. The law imposes responsibilities on bar and liquor store owners to act responsibly when they’re engaged in a business that profits from selling products that impair people’s faculties and judgment. To learn more about what their responsibility is and what we can do for you, give us a call and talk to our attorneys who specialize in this area.

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What Constitutes Liquor Store Liability?

When someone is over-served alcohol, this can lead to a number of devastating consequences. While every person is generally responsible for his or her own actions, this responsibility shifts to the person or establishment serving the alcohol, particularly when this overserving ensues in the injury or death of another. This is also true in instances of minors being served alcohol unlawfully, resulting in the same outcomes. These issues are quite complex, which is why our legal team wants to resolve them as seamlessly as possible.

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